~Buying Tips~


~Do not buy impulsively.~

If when looking at a litter do not pick a puppy because...

 ~It is cute

~It is the one that chose you

~You feel sorry for it, living in the conditions it is in (you will only help keep this type of breeder in business)

~It is the color you want

~It is less expensive than another

There are many ways to choose a puppy and breeder, do some research, do not choose on emotion!



~Pet Breeders or back yard breeders~

~Most let their puppies go to new homes way too early!!

~Will have higher rate of...

~hip dysplasia

~elbow dysplasia

~unsound/bad temperaments

~other health issues such as, worms, demodectic mange, etc...

If your dog develops crippling Dysplasia, it could cost you thousands of dollars, or you may have to put the dog down.

Issues such as bad temperament, could get someone bitten, and these days and times you could lose more than a few thousand dollars.



~Some people say that... they don't want a "show dog" ,  the "German lines", "schutzhund dogs" or "working dogs" do not make good pets.

~Why spend so much on a Pet?~

   You have chosen a breed which originated in Germany, you have chosen a working breed. German lines will have titles and health clearances, most schutzhund dogs/working dogs are from German lines.

Working lines = generations of dogs that have proven themselves and produced similar characteristics in their offspring.  These characteristics include not only physical structure of the dog, which is very important, but also it's temperament.  Mental stability, has trust and confidence in itself, willingness to work, approachable, generally calm, but eager and alert when the situation warrants, fearless, can also be good with children.

In order for the dog to obtain working titles it must have these types of characteristics. What more could you want in the family pet?

If you are not going to Show a dog in the conformation ring you do not need a "SHOW QUALITY"  puppy.

If you are not going to do Schutzhund, Police Work or other high energy work with the dog, you do not need a HIGH DRIVE puppy.

If you want a good dog with sound structure, sound temperament, intelligent etc... then get a pet quality puppy from lines that have been proven..



~Why do some puppies cost so much?~

Your buying genetics. Some breeders show or work their dogs and obtain titles, this takes a lot of time and money. Some people buy pre-titled dogs which also is expensive. Getting the health clearances, is an additional cost.  Breeding the female to an outside male, means more cost. Especially if it is of good quality, having titles and health clearances etc... Most breeders who are not selling the puppies for an obscene amount of money are just recouping their monies spent on these fees.

Lesser quality dogs cost much less, sometimes you get what you pay for. On the flipside, some people pay way too much for what they receive. So, if you choose to buy a good quality puppy save your pennies and do your research. Buying a lesser quality puppy will most likely cost you the same as a good quality puppy, one way or another.  The initial purchase price of a good quality puppy, is a small investment considering the cost of vet care and training etc... if you get a poorly bred puppy predisposed to genetic problems.


~How do I know if the puppy I get will turn out to be what I want?~

Once purchased, you have bought an animal, a canine, the breed you have chosen, and the genetic history of that puppy. Assuming you choose a good quality puppy, your puppy has the proper genetics to become a wonderful companion weather working or family. The breeder should test the puppy and know from observation which puppy will better suit your needs. You must then mold it to you lifestyle. Proper socialization, exercise, and training becomes your duty and will make the puppy, the dog you desire, if done properly.


Choose your breeder,  choose your sire and dam, & choose your breed lines, wisely.  It can make a world of difference.