Picking Your Pup/Visiting



When we have a litter of puppies we generally do not allow people on the property to look at them until it's time to pick and take home (after they are vaccinated). This cuts down on the pups being exposed to any possible diseases etc... Even when it is time to go home we have people step in solutions to also help keep any possible threat from getting onto the property. We do it too!

Sometimes we meet people at another location as well.

Some people want to see pups when they are days old. Let me tell you there is nothing to see but bobbing heads. No reason to look at them then. However if you would like to see them you can take a look at them on camera live. Click HERE!  Also Pics and Vids will be posted as they grow. Also, we can give you references of people that have been here, if you would like. Also check out how/where our puppies are raised click HERE.

We can test the pups on camera @ 6-7 weeks old if you'd like to see their drives.  Then you can test again when it's time to pick up @ 8 weeks.



Picking the Puppy

   Puppies are selected by us, after their testing, to go to appropriate homes.  Example ~~ if there is a litter of 8 pups, 4 males, & 4 females. Of the 8 - 2 male pups are of pet quality, 2 females are pet quality, and 2 females working quality, and 2 males working quality.  Then a pet quality owner could then choose from the four pet quality (first deposits pick first) but the working pups should go to working homes (again first deposits pick first).  We would further suggest a certain pup depending on the situation (i.e children in the home) a certain characteristic such as pain tolerance and response would determine our choices.  An educated pick would be best for all. Letting a pup pick you is NOT the way to choose a new family member, not is choosing by the "looks" of the puppy, even show dogs need presence.   A high drive dog in a pet quality home could be a disaster. And we want the pup to fit in well and be with it's new family for life!

If the pup is being shipped or we are meeting you with a puppy we will make our pick for you and your situation. And still in order of Deposit/Payments received.