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Items you'll want to have so your prepared for your puppy...


Before you are ready for your Puppy to come home with you, there are supplies you will need. I'll go over other things you'll need to think about also.

 You will also get more detailed info. on these subjects when you get your Username & Password for the protected area of the site. (Full Registration Buyers)



I prefer the plastic travel crate so you can use it in the car as well.

But the wire with separation panel will also work, better yet get both!


Dog Bowls

Use the stainless steel bowls for better sanitation.  I also like a high feeder, when the puppy grows older. Or get an adjustable feeder.


Puppy Toys

To start have a...




Rope Toy

Squeekie toy (Nauural/ Natural Rubber/American Made)

Make certain they are appropriate sizes!

NO rawhide


Dog Food

Your puppy has been on...


Pro Plan~Performance/Sport All Life Stages and Raw so you can feel free to go either way! Kibble or Raw

I'll give you a list of dog foods we recommend.

We will give you samples to get started.

Vet Appointment

Go ahead and locate a vet to use we will give you the information on vaccine/worming histories as well as what we feel are necessary for future health care.


Puppy Shampoo

Tropiclean, or ask us about the Organic shampoo's we use!



Nail Clippers

Small clippers will work now or large ones will be fine

I'll discuss what you'll need as the puppy ages



For now any brush will do

I'll discuss with you which brushes are best as the puppy ages


Collar & Leash

6' leash, at this age nylon is a good choice, later use leather

The collar should be a buckle style (like a belt) not a plastic snap Nylon or Leather.  NO chokers!


ID Tags

Yes your pup will be microchipped but for a quick identification, tags would be good.