Past Puppies/Litters



Here are some pics from our past litters and some have updated pics.


"A" Litter          "B" Litter          "C" Litter          "D" Litter

"E" Litter          "F" Litter          "G" Litter




"A" Litter

Yara X Hammer


A litter



"B" Litter


Dam: Afra Von Der Schotterstrasse


Sire: Flint Vom Rubohaus









Pink Girl 

  Orange Boy

Black Girl




Pups with "Daddy Dog" (Mauser our Rottie)

Bath Time!


In Action

 Bolo 6 Weeks







"C" Litter

Sire: Dyk z Westwood

Dam: Yara Von Der Schotterstrasse




Blue Boy


Count Ben


Yellow Girl


Pink Girl



Orange Boy



Green Girl



Brown Boy



Black Boy

"D" LItter 

Yara X Passo

Yara & Passo

Yara   X   Passo

Below are more formal pics click HERE for candids & videos.


These 10 Pups are very dark black the sun does a number on pics & pups look a little faded in some pics.



Green BoyGreenGreenGreen 8 Weeks

DocUpdated Pic

Green Boy~ Doc Von Der Schotterstrasse~Owner- Henri  Springfield Va.


Glitter GirlGlitterGlitterVDS

Diva aka "Glitter"

Glitter Girl ~ Owner Precision K-9


White BoyWhiteWhite

White Boy Sold


Red BoyRedBoy3WeeksOldRedRed Boy 8 WeeksMarvin & Jony

Red Boy~ Dutch Von Der Schotterstrasse~with new owner -Marvin (Left) & his brother Jony (Right)/Gainesville Va.



Pink GirlPinkPinkPink-Hoffmans

Pink Girl - with some of her new peeps "The Hoffmans" West Hamlin WV


Orange GirlOrangeOrangeOrange

Orange Girl  with her new mom Debbie /Winchester Va.


Blue BoyBlueBlue Boy 8 WeeksThe Kerns

Blue Boy ~ Owners "The Kerns" Morgantown WV & Melbourne Australia    :-)

Long over due message, and absent of some pics I promised more than a year gone by. However, just to touch base, I felt it important to pass along my feelings as to having gone with your kennel regarding our choice of stock on the right GSD to suit our particular needs. And therefore, I shall.
First, I have received compliments without end as to his size, stance, and colour, but more importantly, his obedience to command. With these, I have also been asked for reference, which I gladly have given. You stand alone. That shall never sway. Along those lines, I have made it imperative that the dog we received had proper training well before we had obtained him. And even though we did little to carry through with anything you had initiated, save a few German commands, he has (and undoubtedly will) continue to employ (most of the time :).
Secondly, the dog (obviously a part of our family) is precisely what we were looking for--non-aggressive, yet instinctively aggressive when called upon. And a memory to boot, which is of course a trademark of the breed. Exactly what we had expected and desired.
Third comment, regarding the advice we took in having him neutered at such a young age due to a testicle not having dropped: I had fully intended on such, but at a much later date. Regrettably, I sought your advice after the deed was done. I still regret that decision. I was so angry at the vet that I refused to see him, and even considered legal action. My wife has taken care of securing his necessary inoculations and such (heartworm, etc) since. So far so good though, yet my anger still wells within me.
In any event, I am well pleased with what you have given us, both with his stock, and all of the preparatory work that went into it. You have a great thing going on there, and with the addition of your Rotties, an ear has been lent to a neighbor that years ago went to Philly for his last dog.
Please feel free to pass along my comments, in part or in its entirety.
Greg, Jan and Joshua Kerns


Brown @ weeksBrownBrownboy8wVDS

Dux Dux

Dux Putnam Co Sheriff's Dept.

Brown Boy ~ Owner Precision K-9

Yellow GirlYellowyellowYellow Girl 8 Weeks

Drama Drama

Updated Pic

"Two years ago I purchased a puppy from you. It was "yellow girl" out of your "D" litter. Her name is now Leena and she is a fantastic dog. She is in great health (72lbs at last vet visit) and has had on and off leash training, in German. She listens great, even when excited.  She has also developed into a fearless watch dog while still being a friendly family dog. Two short stories that show these traits. I have a neighbor that has had a fear of GSDs for over 30 years. She will now ask to pet and play with Leena, because of her calm and friendly demeanor around people she has met.  A few months ago, while going out to pee before bed, she chased a 200 + pound black bear out of our yard. She saw it and took off before I had a chance to call her back. As soon as I called her she stopped and came back." 

Thank you
Keith Bowers
Berkeley Springs WV


Yellow Girl ~


Black BoyBlackBlackBoy8wBlack

Black Boy with his new mom Sherri / Huricane WV. & New Orleans LA.     :-)



"E" Litter

Berlin x Passo

Group E Litter



Yellow Girl E





Pink Girl E




Blue Boy E



Euro & his family



Purple Girl E



Photo: Eve Von Der Schotterstrasse with her ears up !!



"F" Litter

Berlin x Dux

Sire: Dux

Dam: Berlin


Puppies Born: February 21, 2015



Ready to go around: April 18th, 2015


F Litter F Litter
F Litter F Litter


"G" Litter

Glitter x Grizz

Sire: Grizz

Grizz - Police Dog


Dam: Glitter

Puppies Born: March 3, 2015

1- Male

1- Female 

Ready to go around May 5th, 2015